Motorboat Nordline 41M

Motorboat Nordline 41M is the best universal boat for inland and coastal use for both fishing and recreational use. Hull shape is designed to perform and to produce high speed with small outboarders and with oars. Wide and monolithic body is strong which also provides a lot of space and lateral stability. There is a wide seat in bow, the stern compartment with hatch is perfect for storing your equipment. Bilge water is removable by a single bilge drain outlet on transom.


Length 4,1 m
Beam 1,5 m
Weigth unloaded 100 kg
Board height 0,55 m
Draft 0,2 m
Number of persons 4
Maximum load 400 kg
Max. recommended engine output 7,5 kW/10 HP
Category D
Color Entire palett
Outboard shaft lenght S
Recommended lengt for oars 2,7 m
Warranty 2 years
CE Certificate Yes


– Special color
– Oars 270cm
– Rowlocks
– Belaying cleats


Bow eye , transom, rowlocks socket, documentation.
Dos not include oars.

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