Motorboat Nordline 42

Motorboat Nordline 42 stands out among rowing boats for its high board, behaviour in high waves and extraordinary stability. It has been used as a proffessional fishermans boat for decades – it will cut water without any droplets getting inside board. High transom is an ideal to protect for stern waves. Hull shape is designed to  perform and to produce sufficient speed with small outboarders and with oars. Bow remains level even with single passenger and all weight in stern. The stern compartment is perfect for storing fuel, battery, and other equipment.

Boat lateral stability is very high which makes it almost impossible to turn over.

Technical specifications:

Length 4,2 m
Beam 1,55 m
Weigth unloaded 115 kg
Board height 0,7 m
Draft 0,2 m
Number of persons 4
Maximum load 400 kg
Max. recommended engine output 7,5 kW/10 HP
Category D
Color Entire palett
Outboard shaft lenght L
Recommended lengt for oars 2,7 m
Warranty 2 years
CE Certificate Yes

Optional equipment:

– Special color
– Oars 270cm
– Rowlocks
– Belaying cleats
– Compartment under middle seat

Standard equipment:

Bow eye , transom, rowlocks socket, documentation.
Dos not include oars.

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Weight 115 kg
Dimensions 420 × 155 × 70 cm

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