Mootorpaat Nordline 465


Length 4,65 m, Beam 1,70 m, weigth unloaded 180 kg, board height 70cm, draft 2cm, number of persons 5, maximum load 400 kg, max. recommended engine output 25 HP, category C, outboard shaft lenght 51cm, recommended lengt for oars 2,7 m, Warranty 2 years, CE Certificate.

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    • Sisaldab plastikust pardakonsooli, rooliratast, roolikarpi ja roolitrossi.
    • Plastikust labaga puitaerud. Klambertullid kinnitatavad ümber aeru. Reguleeritavad. Tulli pesadesse lukustatavad.
    • Vastavalt soovitud kohale. Hea otsade kinnitamiseks või rippmootori turvamiseks. Sobib ka ankru otsa kinnitamiseks.
    • Panipaik asjadele. Riiviga suletav. Vajadusel saab paigaldada võtmega suletava tabaluku.
    • Panipaik asjadele. Riiviga suletav. Vajadusel saab paigaldada võtmega suletava tabaluku.
    • Vööri tipus olev kast, kus on sobilik hoida ankrut.
    • Roostevabast torust reelingud.
    • Kaks vööris ja kaks ahtris. Plastikust suured knaabid. Sobvad hästi otsade kinnituseks. Kasutatakse ka aerude fikseerimiseks.
    • Vastavalt soovitud kohale. Hea otsade kinnitamiseks või rippmootori turvamiseks.
    • Sisaldab 3 päästevesti, 6kg ankur otsaga, hauskarit, udupasun
    • Paadi arvele võtmine. Sisaldab riigilõivu tasumist. Ei sisalda numbri kleebiseid.

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Motorboat Nordline 465

Motorboat Nordline 465 is a new model, which production started in the year 2021. This model is designed for fishmen, who require a light, yet fast moving boat. The boat has storage compartments in the stern and bow, that can be closed with a hatch.

Nordline 465 technical data

Length 4,65 m
Beam 1,55 m
Weigth unloaded 150 kg
Board height 0,7 m
Draft 0,2 m
Number of seats 5
Number of persons Kuni 5
Maximum load 590 kg
Max. recommended engine output 25 HJ
Category C või D
Color Gray, green, white, blue
Outboard shaft lenght 51 cm
Recommended lengt for oars 2,7 m
Warranty 2 a
CE Certificate Olemas

* 2 last = 1 täiskasvanu

Best features

Light and spacious
Very suitable for a fishing boat
Storage spaces at the stern and bow
Flat bottom
Doesn’t raise the bow while driving alone
Doesn’t need a powerful engine

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Motorboat Nordline 465 set includes:

A boat, storage in the stern and bow, a bow hook, transom mirror table, tulli kohad aerude kinnitamiseks, anchor box, documentation for registration. We recommend choosing additional oars.


For transport you can use either a boat or a box trailer. With a 3 meter long box trailer you can transport a boat up to 5 meters long. For our customers we provide renting a boat trailer. Read more. In that case you can formalize it in the shopping cart. The fee will be calculated according to your location.

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How to pay

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Boat registration

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