Nordline RIB 490


Motorboat Nordline RIB 490 is a very safe 6-seater boat with large tubes. Length 4.9 meters, width 1.95 meters. For a engine up to 50HP.

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Nordline RIB 490

Nordline RIB 490 is a motorboat equipped with large and strong balloons. A double fiberglass bottom gives strength to the boat and the V-shape provides efficient maneuvering. Ideal for sailing with waves. Speeds up well, while maintaining track ahead. Maximum load 6 people on board. Characteristic to RIB boats, the body is made of thick fiberglass material. In the bow there is a storage unit which can be opened with a hatch.

Motorboat Nordline RIB 490 technical data

Length 4,90 m
Beam 1,95 m
Weigth unloaded 240 kg
Tube diameter 500 mm
Number of air chambers 4
Material 1050g/m2
Number of persons 6
Maximum load 800 kg
Max. recommended engine output 37 kW / 50 HP
Category C
Color All basic colors
Outboard shaft lenght 51 cm
Warranty 2 year
CE Certificate +

* Front seat with storage unit is an extra

Best features

Most optimal size for fishing
Big tubes

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Motorboat Nordline RIB 490 set includes:

CE sertificate
A manual
Registration document for MNT
U-polt in the bow (Pulling a trailer)
Socket for rowlock
Air tanks to prevent sinking
Engine mounting place
Repair kit
Vender rubber edge
Steering console and steering system
Storage room in the bow and aft
Tagumine roostevaba kaar
Navigation lights
Fuel tank
Bilge pump


For transport you can use either a boat or a box trailer. With a 3 meter long box trailer you can transport a boat up to 5 meters long. For our customers we provide renting a boat trailer. Read more. In that case you can formalize it in the shopping cart. The fee will be calculated according to your location.

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