Inflatable boat Nordline PVC 300


Length 3,00 m, beam 1,60m, weigth unloaded 36kg, tube diameter 42cm, number of persons 3, maximum load 380 kg, max., recommended engine output 10 HP, outboard shaft lenght S, warranty 2 years, CE Certificat.

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Inflatable boat Nordline PVC 300

Nordline PVC 300 sobib hästi kalapüügiks, sukeldumiseks kui perega lõbusõiduks. Paat on samuti sobilik jahtidele minekuks ja tulekuks. Paat on paraja pikkusega, seda on lihtne transportida ja kokku panna.

Nordline PVC 300 on lihtne kaasas kanda. Transpordiks on paadil käepidemed vööris ja ahtris. Parda äär on varustatud nööriga. Istmed on valmistatud veekindlast vineerist, mis ühendatakse paadiga spetsiaalsete siinide abil.

Paadi külge on kinnitatud tullid. Aerud ühendatakse tullidega ja fikseeritakse plastikust korkpoldiga. Aerude fikseerimiseks on paadil vastavad kummist klambrid.

Inflatable boat Nordline PVC 300 technical data

Length 3,00 m
Beam 1,6 m
Weigth unloaded 36 kg
Tube diameter 420 mm
Number of air chambers 3+1
Material 850g/m2
Number of persons 3
Maximum load 380 kg
Max. recommended engine output 7,5 kW / 10 HP
Category D
Color All basic colors
Outboard shaft lenght Short
Warranty 2 year
CE Certificate +
Paadi pakendi mõõdud 120x60x25cm
Pakitud põranda mõõdud 90x55x7


Best features

Kõige optmaalsema suurusega kalastuseks
Piisaval lai ja ruumikas
Glisseeruv paat
Kerge transportida

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Inflatable boat Nordline PVC 300 set includes:

CE sertificate
Registration document for MNT
U-polt in the bow (Pulling a trailer)
Socket for rowlock
Air tanks to prevent sinking
Engine mounting place
Repair kit
Vender rubber edge


For transport you can use either a boat or a box trailer. With a 3 meter long box trailer you can transport a boat up to 5 meters long. For our customers we provide renting a boat trailer. Read more. In that case you can formalize it in the shopping cart. The fee will be calculated according to your location.

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First of all you should familiarize yourself with the aspects, which count on a boat. You can do it easily by going to “How to choose a boat”. Most importantly you should trust yourself and not the salesman – before buying you should try the boat out by yourself. If it suits your needs of comfort and stability, you know you have made the right decision. Go to “Boat rental”  and pick your favorite boat for a little ride. You can choose “Boat rental places” all over Estonia, were our boats are in useage. Fot the right engine we recommend to call and consult with our specialists. We offer engines from most manufactures. You will find them from “engines”.

How to pay

We provide payment by bank transfer, card payment, by cash or installment payment. Installment request can be filled in here.

Boat registration

To find out, whether your boat needs to be registered, read the manual here.

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