About us

Life By You OÜ is one of the companies with the largest selection of boats in Estonia. We started producing boats under the Nordline brand in 2006, but we have had expertise in fiberglass production since 2000. Our selection includes rowing and motor boats for very different purposes. Nordline models have been developed and tested over a long period, and in terms of their characteristics, they are definitely one of the best Nordic boats. We have more than 20 different boat models in our selection. We are always ready to produce according to the order for foreign markets as well.

Our main activities are:

* Boat production
* Development and production of fiberglass parts
* Form making
* Repair and repair of boats
* Sales and installation of engines and accessories

We wish you a pleasant time on the water, successful fishing and vacation!

Yours faithfully,
Hannes Kärsna
Director of Life By You OÜ